I do not think it means what you think it means.

It was a documentary about the Green River Killer ...
... and the narrator has come to the mid-1980s, when it seems the killer was taking a break.

But no matter how much of a break the killer took, there is no way that you can state that "the number of bodies they had found dropped." Not unless some of them were mysteriously rising from the dead and returning to life, spending their remaining days among us like zombies.

(Yes, I think they meant "the rate at which they found bodies dropped", as in no longer a body every week. But honestly....!)

I blame my warped mind...
silly, ridiculous
... but when I saw a search for a book, and the summary said "heroine goes to the ex lovers weeding", my first thought was "How sweet - they may not still be together but at least they still care for the garden.

There's a right way to go about it ...
animated kitty
... when you want to get up close and personal with the love of your life. (Or the person you lust after, as the case may be.) However, trying to woe them might not exactly produce the desired result.

Maybe he's from southern Indonesia
(This isn't really a wrong-word item, but it's in the right spirit. Twitter just has some comprehension problems, that's all.)

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From a forum I'm on which had a thread about fanfic complaints:

... pppffffaaaaahah AHAHAAAA YOU GUYS guess what I just fell accross

"(...) the owner himself, lying castrate on the carpeted floor" MY FUCKING GOD SO CLOSE

I mean. I'm assuming this is a mistake, as there is no mention of blood. I shall have to read further to confirm; as the fic is rated E I can narrow down authorial intent by seeing if the narrative goes on to describe the state of the above-mentioned character's testicles.

(My friend, in this particular case the word you were looking for was, in fact, "prostrate.")

lovely trees
From the website of a woodland burial facility: the canapé of the woodland was so thick that barely any light was able to shine through.

It sounds rather filling ...

My country, 'tis of thee ...
emo laugh
A person can still love their homeland if they're expatriate. However, that would be highly unlikely if they're ex-patriots.

Just sayin'. ^_~

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I don't think these words mean what you think they mean ...

Vendetta ≠ agenda, and protégé ≠ prodigy.

Why the hell is it so hard for some people to look up a word in a dictionary, when they're either not sure about the exact meaning (vendetta) or the correct spelling (I'd grudgingly accept a misspelling on protégé, because the pronunciation is fairly close to prodigy ... if you squint and have never seen either written)?


A rower's challenge?
From a photo caption in an ad: "The sugar scull, a symbol of the Day of the Dead celebration"

That's so (not the right) Metal!
hp O Rly
The Slytherin House colors are green and silver. While there's a superficial similarity in appearance, I still doubt that a former member of that House would appreciate being called a "Slytherin Aluminum".


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