I do not think it means what you think it means.

Sounds like a lot of bull...
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Just saw someone refer to a "bull item" board...

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The expression referring to a very short distance is a "hair's breadth". A "hair's length" could mean anything up to eighteen and a half feet.

A Sound of Silence
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After reading this particular misspelling once too often, it needs to be said: Silent letters actually serve a purpose when written.

As in, the part of a doorway you can lean against is a "jamb" (with a silent "b"). Without the "b", you'd be in a right "jam" -- which is mainly a fruity spread to put on bread, fill pastries with and which goes well with peanut butter or clotted cream.

In other words, there'd be a rather sticky mess.

So is this why Karl Marx Liked socialism?
Zade 3

I have depression, and while I was looking for some resources and forums, I came across this gem :

"I'm not a doctor of any kind but it sounds like you have all the symptoms of depression. Lack of any socialism or any want to do anything."

There must be a lot of depressed Capitalists, then :D

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X-posted from weepingcock:

"Suzie slipped off the bed and retrieved a 12-foot strap-on dildo from her handbag."
-Rejected For Content: Splattergore, Deatherz, Alex S. Johnson.

No. No, she did not, unless she was Godzilla.

What a hoot
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If "wizarding society is always tittering on the edge of civil war", they'll probably die laughing.

Found that gem in a series of essays on the HP-verse on Tumblr.

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Technically these words aren't wrong as such, but it always annoys me when a third-person limited story uses words in narration that the character wouldn't use. I can't picture a medieval pirate, or really anyone in a high-stress situation that isn't them performing surgery on said part, thinking of a penis as a "copulatory organ". The infamous The Eye of Argon falls into this as well, having the uneducated barbarian protagonist thinking words like "hypothesis" and "aperture" and observing a beheaded rat's "hyoid bone". Worse is when the word is also the wrong one to use in context, as when the same barbarian descends a flight of stairs to its "posterior".

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In an estate agent's listing online:- "Included in the sale will be the chicken coup.".

I, for one, welcome our new Egg-laying Overlords ;)

Slow cooking?
I've been shopping online for some silicone baking trays and came across a site which sells muffin trays and declares "muffins are a dawdle to make"....

I don't think they're that time-consuming really - or perhaps they meant "doddle"? ;)

A Adam Claw Snarl
Not exactly a wrong word, but I thought y'all would appreciate this.

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