I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Maybe try a substitute?
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germankitty wrote in wrongworddammit
Because that's what "Ersatz" means ... in German. It's NOT a rune in any alphabet known to man.

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Do you think they meant "Ansuz"?

*dies laughing*

I was thinking "Eihwaz", but as it was never specified what the rune actually is supposed to mean, all I have to base it on is the alphabet. *wry grin*

Author's profile says he's French Canadian, and he does other unspeakable things to English in his fic, so .... *shrugs*

Yeah, that would make it a bit difficult to figure out.

I will remember to avoid that fic if ever I run across it!

Easy to do -- it's "The Runemaster", of all things. :-)


I see they left the last two syllables off of the second word in the title. *grin*

(Edited because I accidentally a word, and again to fix a typo. This is not my day to internet.)

Edited at 2016-06-27 02:08 am (UTC)

Huh? Sorry, ESL here -- what last two syllables? *is puzzled*

(Also, you still missed <-- a word in your last two edits; you may have been right about it not being your day. ^_~)

Sorry! I meant that the word "master" should have been replaced with the word "masturbator", because clearly he's been spending his time doing something other than actually learning about runes. ;) If you're familiar with the British term "wanker", I was basically calling him one.

"Edited because I accidentally a word" is a Livejournal joke; someone who says that is deliberately leaving out words after having accidentally left out words.

Ah, okay -- to both. :-) Thanks for clarifying!

The "wanker" bit would probably never have occurred to me because of the switch from "master" to "mastur-". I know that the pronunciation is virtually identical, but because of the different spelling it's not a place my brain goes to automatically. Also, I groaned. :-)

And in ten years on LJ, how is it that I've never come across that joke? Clearly I must've been hanging out with the wrong people ...

Hey, no problem; sorry I wasn't clearer!

I forget which comm I saw "accidentally a word" on, but it's one that has since rolled over and died (like so much of LJ, damn it). Maybe the joke was specific to that comm...

Yeah ... and at least they seemed to have had a sense of humor about it, unlike some other comms who in the past have taken themselves WAY too seriously, IMO.

But all the "cool kids" have apparently wandered off somewhere ... tumblr? Instagram? Whatevs.

Comms with a sense of humor are my favorites. ;)

Not all of us have wandered off! But yeah, many of my favorite LJers have gone to Tumblr, Dreamwidth, and other sites. *pouts*

I lost a few friends to Dreamwidth, too. :-(

I have an account there myself and occasionally crosspost, but all my comms are here on LJ, and their "reading list" doesn't seem to be quite on a par with my beloved Friends Page.

And all those newfangled sites are not for me. There are some tricks this old cat refuses to learn. :-)

This old mouse too! *high-fives you*

I tried DW as a backup to LJ, but almost all of my good friends are either just here or are on both, and the couple of good friends that went DW-only dropped DW too, so I'm just sticking with LJ.

Generally, I don't like most of the other sites that people have migrated to. Just my personal preferences...

*high-fives you back*

Sounds like we might be twins from different mothers! *grins*

True, true! Wanna be friends?

Sure, why the heck not? :-)

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