Nothing like a grateful mattress...

From a recipe on the internet:

A small food processor on high speed may be used to grind chilies and cumin or use a dedicated coffee grinder for fresh spices (a great $15 investment for fresh spices anytime - your pallet will thank you)!
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Hermione not amused

Fanfic wrong word.

"It was limpid Dumbledore had all but voiced he was going to do the opposite." Lol what?

Seriously, this is a good fan fic but there's so much of this going on in it. Some of the words they use aren't even words! Also a lot of weird word order going on, like " 'blah blah,' sadly Alexandra said." It's jarring.

Thanks, but I’d rather not join a gastric boom, plant-centric or other!

A “gastric boom" sounds to me like something that might shatter the porcelain.
Stokes, why on earth would anyone want to join that????

Since the issue’s editorial focuses on the increasing popularity of vegetarian cuisine, the word you want is “gastronomic” boom.


This seed house really should have invested a few dollars in an editor for the cover of their current catalog.


It was a documentary about the Green River Killer ...

... and the narrator has come to the mid-1980s, when it seems the killer was taking a break.

But no matter how much of a break the killer took, there is no way that you can state that "the number of bodies they had found dropped." Not unless some of them were mysteriously rising from the dead and returning to life, spending their remaining days among us like zombies.

(Yes, I think they meant "the rate at which they found bodies dropped", as in no longer a body every week. But honestly....!)