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I do not think it means what you think it means.

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crysania4 wrote in wrongworddammit
Apparently Ethan isn't too happy with how Obama chose to decorate.

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Unfortunately, God never told him not to sleep through English class.

I was more upset with the polyester. What is Savoer?

I was just thinking, God's probably more worried that he can't even spell saviour.

Savoer - that's obviously a person from Savo, an old region of Finland. I had no idea God was from there; I always thought God was from Heaven! The more you know...

Maybe he would prefer a nice moire, or taffeta instead? I'd also like to point out that Dick Cheney is no longer in the Whitehouse :P

How about just taking out the polyester satin? The silk satin can stay.

Of course, this fellow would probably get lost, since the White House is in WashingTON, not WashingTIN.

Ethan hasn't thought this through very well. If he did go to WashingTIN, it would just rust anyway!

How dare he worship the fallen angle!

This calls for a stolen (with credit) icon!

He'd better hope the call to Heaven doesn't come via Twitter. With his literacy skills he'll end up in the wrong place.

And he's got the wrong icon, too! Anonymous is pretty well set against all religions. Even ones denouncing Satin.

Maybe this guy has joined forces with that guy who protested with the "Obama Half-Breed Muslin" sign!

Fabric Haters Unite!

I'm not sure what worries me more - that God, his Lord and Savoer, spoke back directly to him; that God, his Lord and Savoer, apparently is either misdirecting him or was wondering if he was paying attention; or that God, his Lord and Savoer, apparently has a thing against shiny fabric. And possibly shiny towns, it's hard to tell.

It took me a while, but I finally figured out what he's trying to say through all those typos.

"I spoke to my dog at Lord and Taylor last night. He told me that is time to walk Rin Tin Tin and remove cats from the White House."

I'm not quite sure why his dog was at an expensive department store, but I suppose a talking dog can do whatever he likes!

I think my icon says all that needs to be said.

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