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I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Thanks, but I’d rather not join a gastric boom, plant-centric or other!
wildflower399 wrote in wrongworddammit
A “gastric boom" sounds to me like something that might shatter the porcelain.
Stokes, why on earth would anyone want to join that????

Since the issue’s editorial focuses on the increasing popularity of vegetarian cuisine, the word you want is “gastronomic” boom.


This seed house really should have invested a few dollars in an editor for the cover of their current catalog.


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Epp! Excuse me while I hide from the idea...

Yikes! I am so not interested in joining that.

As someone with celiac disease, I've had a few gastric booms in my time. You're right, you don't want one. :-p

(That cover is hilarious. Wonder if anyone on staff has figured it out yet?)

I've been wondering if it would be worth it to contact Stokes and point this out to them! There are significant errors throughout this new issue, though none of them as egregious as the blunder on the cover.

Celiac, augghh! I hope it gets or remains under control for you and that you are spared future gastric booms. :-)

Myself, I'd tell them --- partly for kindness' sake, partly for the amusement value. ;)

It's under control, thanks, except when I get an accidental gluten exposure. That's the good part about celiac: it's usually treatable by dietary changes.

I think "gastric boom" is a pretty accurate description of my bad reaction to my last round of antibiotics. And no, you definitely do not want to join that.

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