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I do not think it means what you think it means.

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Fanfic wrong word.
Hermione not amused
fayanora wrote in wrongworddammit
"It was limpid Dumbledore had all but voiced he was going to do the opposite." Lol what?

Seriously, this is a good fan fic but there's so much of this going on in it. Some of the words they use aren't even words! Also a lot of weird word order going on, like " 'blah blah,' sadly Alexandra said." It's jarring.

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ESL w/o a beta, is my guess. Offer to beta, perhaps?

Uncorrected auto-correct? ESL most probably.

But yeah, I can't read even the best of plot / characterization if the language is throwing me out every-other sentence.

Possibly someone who owns a thesaurus but not a dictionary, and thinks that "limpid" can be used in place of "clear"?

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