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I do not think it means what you think it means.
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Word misuses and rants about them.
This community is specifically for ranting about word misuse. Example: 'ironic' when you mean 'strange', 'phase' when you mean 'faze'. Homonyms and homophones are allowable; typos and spellchecker errors are not. So 'defiantly' for 'definately' when you mean 'definitely' doesn't count as a wrong word. For these you should go to lol_typo.
Errors in print or at least on paper are allowed.
Mistakes in other languages are allowed as long as you explain the difference between the actual and the intended words.
Pronunciation errors are allowed if they are significantly different from the word's apparent pronunciation (ie as if it's pronounced the way it's spelled). Example: pronouncing the word 'larynx'(lar-ingks) as 'lornix'.
If there is an extra letter (or letters) added to the word (or alternatively, letters missing from the word), chances are that it's an issue of British vs American spelling. Please check that it's not just because of BvA before you post.
There are words and phrases which have been mistaken so often that the mistake has been firmly entrenched in many people’s minds. Example: write/rite/right, site/sight, and so on. Hence, it’s better to state both the wrong word and the actual word meant unless (a) you think it’s blindingly obvious (and if someone comments that they don’t know it, you must edit the actual word in) or (b) you don’t know what the actual word is (and you must include in your post that you do not know). In the case of the latter, there’s probably someone on the community who will know what the person using the wrong word intended.
Mishearing or misreading a word doesn’t count as a wrong word, since no one made an actual mistake. However, it’s all right to mention one if you include a real wrong word as well, as I consider misheard or misread words to be related to actual wrong words.

If you feel any need to dispute the rules with me, try this post. Don't feel embarrassed about commenting on an old post. I won't mind.

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